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New Free Template (The Journal)

Here is a new FREE Template going to be added soon, expect more to come in the next few weeks for you to use at your pleasure.

Its inspired by the fact so many people use blogger as a kind of journal of their lives, so i thought why not make a design out of a journal, and here you are.

1.Go to your page elements screen.
2.Add a new element, anywhere.
3.Make it a HTML/Java Script Element.
4.Copy this code into the elements box.

5.Make a new banner 648px X 220px and just have it transparent.
6.Upload your new banner, and your ready to go.


Jo said...

This is a great template Paul, you should do a notebook style one too, with ink spots and doodling ;)

LayMyBlog said...

thanks jo, i will do that one later on :)